Sunday, July 25, 2010

Currently on my drawing board.
Currently on my drawing board.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

15% OFF SALE, The Hermit Hill Mysteries

To celebrate the new release of The Hermit Hill Mysteries I'm offering 15% off the purchase of each book from now through August 11th. When you order the book online from you can enter the code "BEACHREAD305" at checkout to get the discount.

The Hermit Hill Mysteries is the second book in the Hermit Hill comic strip collected books series. It reprints the second year's worth of comic strips and includes several scans from my sketchbook pages, a "how to draw Walter" section and an excellent introduction from the very skilled indie cartoonist/illustrator Will Terrell.

Order now!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making it to Dallas Comic Con After All!

Well folks, a very kind fellow indie comics creator here in the Dallas area, Lucas Puryear, has very generously offered to split his table with me at the upcoming Dallas Comic Con. Looks like I won't be missing out after all! Major thanks to Lucas for seeing my plea and offering half his table. I really appreciate it.

This will be the sixth time I've exhibited at that convention and, as always, I'm looking forward to it. The tables sold out very quickly this year for some reason, which I hope is an indication that the turn out will be high.

For DCC 2010 I'll be debuting my latest book, The Hermit Hill Mysteries. This book is the second trade paperback collection of my webcomic series Hermit Hill which ran from 2008 through to earlier this year. This book will complete the series, so the first volume, The Legend of Hermit Hill, combined with this new one is a complete a set of the whole strip's run. I'll also be doing cartoony character sketches at the show, both pre-drawn and on demand at the show, which I know is always a big hit with people. It should be a good time!

Friday, July 16, 2010

This guy popped up in my sketchbook. Not sure who he is, but something tells me he has a few colorful opinions.
This guy popped up in my sketchbook. Not sure who he is, but something tells me he has a few colorful opinions.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Hermit Hill Mysteries Now on Sale

The Hermit Hill Mysteries is now officially available on This is a trade paperback book collecting the second year of comic strips from my webcomic strip series Hermit Hill. The book has nearly a hundred pages of strips as well as scans from my sketchbooks, a "how to draw" section that shows you step by step my process in drawing the main character, Walter, and has an excellent introduction written by the awesome Will Terrell.

I'm really quite happy with how this book turned out. I kept the same basic cover design as the collection from year one, The Legend of Hermit Hill, but added updated artwork from the second year of strips and changed the color scheme. I also think my work on the strip series really improved during the second year. The character designs are more consistent this time around and the story lines more bizarre. I'm happy and proud to finally be able to offer the complete series of Hermit Hill to my readers. Check it out!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Used Book Store Find: I Go Pogo

While in the used book store yesterday rummaging for hidden gems I came across this book and had to pick it up. It's a copy I Go Pogo by Walt Kelly. This copy was put out in 1952 and is a pocket sized version of awesome comic Pogo. It has nearly 200 pages of comics on yellowing, but still intact, paper.

Walt Kelly was one of the greatest American cartoonists of all time. His work on Pogo is just amazing. I've studied his ink work often. Really happy to have a collection like this in my library now.

See more photos in my Flickr gallery.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Missing out on Dallas Comic Con

Damn. I missed the brief window of opportunity to get in on the upcoming Dallas Comic Con in August. Tables went on sale just recently and by the time I went to go and order my small press table they had already been sold out. This will be the first DCC I've missed since moving to Texas four years ago. It disappointing since I have a new book comic out, the second trade paperback collection of Hermit Hill comic strips, and I usually debut my stuff at this convention.

According to what I've read on Twitter and Facebook from some of the other folks I know from the convention circuit very few other regulars got tables this year too. There's been some speculation that something is up. I don't know whether it's just popularity or conspiracy, but I'll have to be more vigilant for table sales when the show comes back around in January.