Friday, August 26, 2011

Balloon Man short story page 5, the big finish

( Balloon Man, page 5 of 5 )

This is the last page from the short story 'Balloon Man' out of the comic book I'm currently working on. A little creepy? A little weird? Yeah, I guess so. Sort of a kids version of a horror story maybe. I don't know how to explain where this came from really, it's just a thought that occurred to me and I put pen to paper and here you go.

This is the first comics story that I've fully colored. I'm not a huge of fan of coloring my work, but I understand people like the look of colored comics so I'm dipping my toe into the color comics world with my next book. And what's more colorful than a big bunch of balloons, really.

In case you missed them here are the previous pages from the story:

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More stories and pages from the book I'm currently working on to posted in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading!