I have had the opportunity to work freelance for various Pencilmation projects. Pencilmation is an animated series published on Youtube. I’ve been hired to provide thumbnail illustrations for several episodes and was the storyboard artist on the episode “Pencilmate and Hist Pet Dragon”.

Here you can see the full episode I worked on along with some others (but I only worked on the first one).

0:00 - DRAGON AND ON AND ON Pencilmate gets a pet dragon in the mail!! But why won't it stop eating EVERYTHING?! Pencilmation

CREDITS FOR DRAGON AND ON AND ON Producer - Ross Bollinger Writer - Jared Woods Story Supervisor - Arin Scalfo Storyboards - Nate Bramble Director - Arin Scalfo Animation - Ryan Krzak Music - Brendan Cooney Voiced - Joe Porter and Daphne Garrington Sound Design - Strelok Audio Design Composition - Herman Hurov and Nadya Butylina Color Design - Antonio Villamandos Associate Producer - Ama Bollinger Production Coordinator - Greg Pearce System Developer - Cameron Jones

Here are some of the sketches I worked out for the storyboards for this episode.

Thumbnail illustrations are put through a series of online reviews to see which ones get the most click-throughs. So, for each episode of Pencilmation many different thumbnails are created. Here are a library of thumbnail illustrations I’ve drawn for the series.